With the use of my voice, and the soul voice® method, I help people to eliminate stress, anxiety, worries and get better sleep

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Caroline Sterling Burdulis 


Her skills are incredible!

Even after struggling with constant fatigue and terrible sleep over the last two decades I feel renewed and energised and both my health and business improve with every session.

She is my secret weapon for growing my business!


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Ellie Savoy


Judy is truly a gifted healer.

I was blown away by my sound healing experience with her. I felt so relaxed and could feel my stomach and energy releasing. She is gentle and kind. Humble and powerful.

I highly recommend experiencing Judy's magic.

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Bev Roberts


Thank you for such a deep and profound sound healing for my inner child.

I’m still integrating what took place and appreciate your incredible skill and the very safe space you created.

What is sound therapy?

SOUND HEALING is a vibrational medicine and it has been used for thousands of years by different cultures and tribes, in order to bring people in balance and to heal illness.

Sound healing is used as a tool for releasing energetic imbalances on the physical, mental and emotional level. Different instruments can be used when performing sound healing therapy, but I heal with my voice, using The Soul voice® method.

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Some benefits of sound therapy include

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lower stress levels

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  Lower cholesterol

Fewer mood swings

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lower blood pressure

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Improved sleep

Sleep Coaching & Healing

  •  Are you having difficulty going to sleep and staying sleep?

  • Are you waking up too early in the morning? Or earlier than planned even when you don't have to?

  • Are you also tired of waking up feeling constant fatigue, groggy and exhausted before the day even begin?

I specialize in helping business owners sleep better, so that they wake up feeling well rested and restored to grow their businesses with ease and grace, while enjoying their family life. 

Healthy Money Coaching

  • Are your money blocks holding you back from achieving your dreams?

  • Are you tired of putting your dreams on hold, because of not having money?

  • Are you just tired of feeling broke no matter how much you earn, because it just keeps on slipping away?

Do you want to eliminate the pain and struggle you have with money and finally feel free, expansive and secure enough to be a Money magnet?

Business Growth Coaching

  • Are you tired of attracting clients that can’t afford you or won't pay you what you want and deserve?

  • Are you tired of not making the money you deserve despite all the amazing testimonials that you have on your website?

  • Are you struggling to get noticed?

You might have been working to grow your business for a while now and things aren't happening as fast as you want, it's possible that something might be holding you back or slowing you down.

Heal Trauma Now

  • Are you tired of struggling to create a life of balance, joy and harmony?

  • Do you feel like your goals are always just out of reach, while it seems others achieve success after success?

The help you need is right here, inside Heal Trauma Now - Your Inner Path to Divine Purpose and Effortless Abundance This private session will allow you to unlock the emotional blueprint your soul wants to follow, using the unique Soul Voice® technique.


Free consultation

I offer you a 20 min discovery session over Zoom to help you get clarity around the different areas of your life that need extra attention, so that you can create the lifestyle of your dreams.

Register today and get 20 minutes discovery session for FREE!

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