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What do clients say about working with me?

I honor and respect my clients privacy and our conversations are of course confidential. 

But I don't mind them telling their friends and loved ones about the amazing work that we do together....

Ilona Marquard Kundalini – Yoga Teacher

Ilona Marquard
Kundalini – Yoga Teacher

Judy is a powerful healer who, by wonder always gives me the healing and inspiration that I did not know I needed. She has helped me to find my own strength and create visions for leading a more complete life, aligned with my heart, creativity, spirit and personal path.

Judy has and shares a unique love of life and acceptance of our human nature – and in that lies an incredible freedom and healing.

In her very own way, she has turned out to be the therapist and guide who has had the biggest impact.

LieselTeversham Coach/Healer/Teacher/Authorr


I had a most awesome sound healing session with Judy!Her presence was so welcoming, calming, reassuring and safe.I brought some physical issues I'd been having trouble with. At the end of the session the one problem (a stomach issue) was feeling SO much better, and an hour later I could no longer feel it.Her skills are totally amazing! She's super intuitive and accurately picked up on things I didn't even mention.Thank you Judy - may you reach many people with your beautiful gifts! This was so healing and relaxing and I'm excited that so much has already changed.

Louise Bøgelund Saugmann Art photographer

Louise Bøgelund Saugmann
Art photographer

When I first heard about sound healing, I was very skeptic. But Judy’s great authenticity, openness and insights immediately turned my skepticism when I met her right from the start. Through her powerful  voice and healing, together with various relevant homeworks & assignments, she supports me through challenges and always brings a new magically and much better version of me. I come to Judy with concrete issues and also as pure wellness. I can only give the warmest recommendations of Solomon Sound Healing to others.

Marianne Saxtorph Lawyer

Marianne Saxtorph

I can highly recommend Judy Solomon.

She has a unique ability to see what you need at a deep level and can create the confidence and peace of mind that makes you dare indulge in a process... that is powerful healing.

I am deeply grateful for the help she has given me and see great potential in the method's application both to individuals and within an enterprise framework.

Kate Sønderberg

Kate Sønderberg

I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer and after 4 months, not only am I breast cancer free, but my SLEEPING problem has also improved and all the doctors are asking me,

What my secret is that I am doing better than all the other patients…

 Screenshot 2021-11-18 at 22.51.59.png Kellita Maloof Performing- Burlesque Mentor

Thank you, Judy! You access your sound from such a deep and powerful place.

It felt very shamanic. Your voice was communicating and transmuting my beliefs and experience in a way that words alone would have trouble doing. I continue to experience the healing.

Bowing in your direction in gratitude!

Marie Gjessing Designer

Marie Gjessing

Meeting Judy is an experience in itself. I go to Judy when things begin to clutter my life and I have lost my focus. Through working with Judy I regain clarity. Although I cannot say I am especially spiritual, Judy is able to reach me with her enormously grounded insight.

At the same time, she possesses a spiritual dimension which begins to prevail, allowing me to feel secure and won over by her graceful seduction of sound.

Additionally, her exceptional voice and sound spectrum are limitless. Through her unrivaled presence and  timing, Judy is able to shake away the pains and leave me feeling light as a feather.

Anne Sophie Christensen Osteopath therapist

Anne Sophie Christensen
Osteopath therapist

Judy is a confident, strong and worldly-wise woman, who managed to touch a deeper issue that was affecting me and she brings clarity in playful approach. Every time I work with Judy,

I walk away with a strong sense of connection to myself, the world and a significant mental clarity.

A bit like waking up after a night of rain and thunder. Thank you for sharing your skills Judy.

Kristella Høst Normark Psychotherapist

Kristella Høst Normark


The embrace of Judy’s voice has on more than one occasion carried me through deep layers of myself, healed and instigated new processes and sped up ongoing ones. Judy’s sound therapy is a welcome break from talk therapy and over identification with one's stories – it helped me to surrender to the session and to let the voice and the sounds do its job, which Judy masters perfectly.

I have been guided and carried by her voice that ranges from angelic to raw and tribal. I highly recommend Judy to everybody, who would like to work with themselves, whether it’s new terrain for them, or “old news” 

Ruth Toledo Altschuler Certified Flower Essence Practitioner

Ruth Toledo Altschuler
Certified Flower Essence Practitioner 

I have recently experienced Judy's beyond amazing Inner Child Sound Healing work.

During the session I felt safe to lay bare my heart and soul into the gentle and space that she creates for our healing. And I came out of it feeling whole, and deeply healed.

Once the journey started, her attunement was amazing. She and I could feel what was unfolding without more words being shared. The sound, and a truly powerful Shamanic Journey of sorts unfolded, one for which I am immensely grateful beyond words. This has taken me through another layer of healing, maybe a completion of the inner child healing I've began decades ago.

I highly recommend her most inspiring and BEAUTIFUL work. It is priceless.

Thank you so much, Judy.

Your gifts and blessing were just what I needed at this time and I am so GRATEFUL!

Tanja Schlanders Reflexologist/ Sound Artist

Tanja Schlanders
Reflexologist/ Sound Artist

I have a task of an old grief something that almost can be described as a repressed anger.Anger has been there since I was little and now in my adult life, it has manifested itself like a black ball in my diaphragm area always dynamic, firm and stuck sensation.

It makes me tired, unhappy and gives me feeling that I don’t really identify myself with. Such as negativity, doubt, indifference, loneliness and all sorts of blame and projections. Judy guides me, to feel my anger? I visualize it and described its symptoms. I lie down and Judy started to do some humming sounds. It reminded me of an old melody that I used to sing in my childhood home about things that happens on an ordinary day, such forgetting gloves at a daycare and playing with dolls. I lapse into the tones and discover belatedly that the sounds have changed both shape and texture. That is when I realized that Judy is simply making a surgical intervention with her sounds to my body. And It is actually an operation table that I was laying on. A clinical surgery without cutting steel and nitrous oxide, I am in auditory anesthesia and completely conscious, without blood, no glare light and no cold hands. It was steaming with warmth and closeness, and I am feeling safe and grateful here on the mattress I was not cut up, but I was patched together instead.

Mija Byung Architect

Mija Byung

To sound with a group of women was a powerful experience for me. Despite of our differences both in personality and energetically, the Sound healing & meditation Circle made it possible for us to break down all our limitations / boundaries and allowed us to easily let go of ourselves to create a comfortable and relaxed space to be. I liked that we could agree (nonverbally) and  focused our energy and awareness on the sensitive and vulnerable situation we had accepted to take part of. Receiving Judy’s delicate, intuitive, yet powerful vocal vibrations made me feel relaxed, safe and warm. A place in my mind that i normally only experience in sleep. And then again.. It’s not absolutely comparable. Hard to explain. But knowing that calm is good. It’s expanding me. I don’t know if it was the product of so many different energies, but it took me into something that I would like to describe as a transcendental experience. An amazing unconscious calm and very deep meditation. I’m grateful for the opportunity to have this experience.

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