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Hi, I’m Judy Solomon

My goal is to help you clear any negative subconscious beliefs you might have, that can be slowing you down or holding you back from achieving your goals, so that you can be able to lead a life, where you earn a good living, doing what you love most and do best.

My goal is to help you clear any negative subconscious beliefs you might have, that can be slowing you down or holding you ba

My personal path to healing

 As a child of young parents, I was conceived by accident and kept a secret until the end of the pregnancy. So, I spent nine months marinating in my mother’s fear, guilt, and shame of being pregnant and unwed.

My grandparents raised me, and despite the love and care I received, the absence of my parents was painful and left me feeling undesired, rejected, and not worthy of their love and presence.

So, I grew up feeling lonely, uncertain, left out, and crippled by frustration, anger, confusion, sadness, and unworthiness.To cope, I simply buried my feelings and shut off.

It wasn’t until I became pregnant with my first child that I understood the importance of HEALING. I wanted to clear my own childhood traumas before bringing a child to the world.

The healing session was AMAZING, and I became inspired and eager to learn the modality, so that I can share the same wonderful feeling with others.


I’ve been involved with healing since 2004 when I participated in a two year training in healing and clairvoyance at the Institute of Personal Development by Tom Stern and Sissel Maya Øster.

Here I learned several healing techniques, and I got all three Reiki inaugurations.

In 2005 I took a basic course in Quantum Touch (physical pain and damage) by Edward Vise in Sweden.

In 2006, I attended 2-days workshop in sound healing the Soul Voice® method by Karina Schelde, which paved the way for my self development and progress, from all walks of life into full realisation of my potential and life vision.

Shortly after the workshop I travelled to India for some months and really gave myself time to sense, what the two day workshop had given me. I became more and more curious to explore Soul Voice® method.

After I had returned from India, I resigned myself to Karina Scheldes 5-day course “Soul Voice® Sound Advanced Initiation”

In 2006 I started “The Soul Voice® Practitioner’s Certification Program” in 3 modules, where the training took place in Switzerland, France, Germany and Italy.

In 2009 I completed training with the superstructure “Supervision and Continued Education” in Switzerland,


In May 2010,  I finally got my certificate after 40 documented client sessions supervised by Karina Schelde.

I specialize in helping people to up-level their primary vibration by healing what’s holding them back. I do this using a pow


2020 - 2022

 -Entrepreneurship, design, innovation KEA - Københavns Erhvervsakademi.


 -Extraordinary Coach

 -Instant Miracle Coach

 -Peace Process Master

 -Muscle Testing Master

- Ultra High Frequency

- Energy Healing Master

Christian Mickelsen, Leading healing authority, Future Force Inc

2015 - 2016

 -Maximize Your Impact

Lucrative Luminary Training by Callan Rush

2014 - 2015

 -Heal your Money Story Certification Program

The Soul Conscious Business Intensive ProgramSoul Journeys® Training school for Akashic Records

2006 - 2010

 -Sound healing - The Soul Voice® Method International school of Soul Voice® by Karina Schelde

2004 - 2006

- Reiki Healing and Clairvonce

Institut for personlig udvikling

2003 - 2004

 -The Remembering Process Course

 -Law of Attraction Basic Certification Course

 -The Advanced Wealth Activation Program

 -Awakened Millionaire Blowout Core Training

 -The Advanced Ho’oponopono Certification Program

Dr. Joe Vitale, world’s first Hypnotic Marketer and co-author of NY Times bestselling book "The Secret"

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