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Get More Clients Workshop

Get more clients workshop by Judy Solomon

997 kr.

240 min

Has this ever happened to you, while trying to get clients for your 1:1 sessions, for your group programs or filling your workshops and retreats?

You are great at what you offer, you have your marketing messages in place,  you promote it on social media many weeks, even months in advance.


You do all the right things to market it, but you get very few comments, zero sign ups, and you end up with an empty room, empty chairs and zero sales.

Imagine never having to worry about that again?

Imagine if there was a heart-based marketing strategy that allowed you to attract your ideal clients who resonate with you just as you are?


You don't have to imagine it, you can explore it in this workshop...


During our time together, you’ll learn: 

  • How to define your ideal clients in your niche market.

  • How to grow a true audience using 8 practices of authentic business

  • How to build an honest, respectful and trustworthy brand that offers well-matched services & products.

Check out our availability on the 3rd of November and I hope to see you there  

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